The Whisper

Unchained! You would be, said the theme to me
Really now? Was it actually worth the fee?
Why not, I thought – so I went to see
Whether from my chains, I would be set free.

Three days – that was all that was there;
To realize that there was someone who cared
Never did I think that it would be more than I can bear
All that was needed was to say a small prayer

Little did I know what would happen to me
Would change the way that I thought I’d be
What had ultimately turned out to be
Was me praying to God on my knees

Oh this weekend which blew my mind
Never did I know that I’d find God so kind
For somehow I wanted to get rid of a feeling
That was really all about 3rd wheeling

A whisper was what God had done in my heart
Telling me that he and I will never part
All this of course I had to write in a chart
One which will always melt my heart

Although I knew this God when I was nine
Could this even happen 10 years down the line
God had taken this wretched soul of mine
And transformed it to a heart which shined

Drumming to the rhythm of songs I knew
The beats which were used were only a few
Going through the musical journey which is broad
Committed to drum to songs that bring glory to God.

All that had happened was that one whisper
The whisper which had made my heart blister
I now realize that it was really worth the fee.
Concluding therefore that through the Spirit, we are free.

Jeevan Koshy