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You don’t need to be a great singer to join the choir at East Parade. God takes a bunch of voices—some strong and some not as strong—and blends them together to create beautiful music that honors Him. We welcome anyone who has a wish to sing for the lord to join us. Please contact anyone from the choir group, and they would be happy to help you out.
The Junior Choir of our church is an integral part of our Church Choir; it has added a sense of joy and commitment among the members of the Church Choir. For us as the Choir of East Parade Malayalam Pastorate, our commitment to the Junior Choir originates in a holy calling. It is clearly a calling from God. Telling us very quietly, but very persistently that this is THE THING He has created us to do for His Kingdom. It is more than dynamic levels and singing posture and so much more than the next performance.

We believe that MUSIC is God’s tool to bring little souls and even whole families into the Kingdom. It is teaching these little ones what it means to really worship. We are helping them to understand that God inhabits the praises of His people and that those aren’t just pretty words. He really does live where people are praising Him; He manifests His presence when we praise Him with pure hearts.

The Junior Choir has strength of 70 children ranging from the age group of 4 years to 14 years. The children have regular practices on every Sunday after the church service; they also participate actively in the Church Services on every Sunday.

The Junior Choir has enabled the children to hone their musical talent and also gained a great deal of confidence in their singing ability. To the church, the Junior Choir has brought in freshness and added vigor to congregational singing.

Practice Timings

The choir practices regularly at these times
Saturdays @4 Pm
Sundays @9:15 Am and After Church Services

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[email protected]
+32523 2353232


Service: 24/7
Office: 8am – 6pm M-F

The choir meets for practice every Sunday after the worship service. Vocal training involves rigorous breathing and tonal lessons and exercises. It is the synergy of this training and blessing from above that equips the singers and fine tune their voices to render pieces that an ordinary choir would not normally attempt.
Special Programs
The East Parade Chorale has, to its credit, a handful of Concerts in addition to Christmas Carol Services which is an annual event. The choir is a regular participant at the Glorious Festival of Harmony.
  • To teach children the core of hymns and spiritual songs, which help them to learn the music of the faith and begin to trust, that God’s promises are theirs.
  • To help children develop good singing and musicianship skills to foster the enjoyment of singing.
  • To provide opportunities to grow in faith through fellowship with other children.

One intangible but substantial benefit we reap from the junior Choir is that the children learn that they are part of the worship services and that realization is likely to remain with them through out their life.

Prayer Requests

A Prayer calendar is being prepared and circulated to the members. Many people had sent in prayer request, which are being remembered and prayed for by other members.