Sunday School Day was observed on 11th November. It was a day of great joy for all of us that we, the Sunday School children could lead the church service. Thanks to our teachers and others who had taken great effort and sacrificed their personal time to train us to perform for God’s glory.  The order of service was led by the senior children of our Sunday School. Along with the service, there were various performances by students from each class during the service.

The first performance was by the beginners. They performed adorable and colorful skits depicting birth of Moses, stories of David & Goliath and Jesus as a small boy at the temple. They also had action songs and recited memory verses.  Even though they were small children, they led the program with joy and confidence. Anything can be done through God’s glory.

The next performance by primary children was an action song, “I am in the Lord’s army”.  We learnt we should humble ourselves as it is mentioned in Luke 18:14 recited by primary student and that children are the priority for God.

The juniors did an action song “God is our light house”. He guides us through all difficulties and he will show the right path.

The seniors and inters performed a choreography to the song “Stand together” which says if we trust in God, we are strong. They also performed a skit with a theme “Rescue mission” which depicted the importance of learning God’s word.  This was emphasized with examples of the life of missionaries Amy Carmichael, Sadhu Sundar Singh and Fanny Crosby.

The sermon for the service was led by young adults of our church with theme ‘We, the Fifth Gospel of Christ’. Besides the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John there is a fifth gospel, which is our own lives bringing the good news of salvation around us, through Christ. We must be ambassadors of God by spreading God’s word not only by words but by actions.

It was overall a blessed experience and we thank God Almighty for all the blessings showered on each one of us.