The affairs of the SCF are managed by an elected committee for a 2-year term with the Presbyter in-charge as President, a vice president, a convener, a joint convener, a treasurer and 5 other committee members who meet occasionally as and when required to sketch out programs and their execution. There is separate accounting of the money received and spent by SCF. The main source of income is membership fee and grant from the church. At the end of each financial year, the treasurer presents a statement of accounts duly audited by an internal auditor elected by the general body of SCF. The treasurer also presents a budget estimate for the next financial year. The convener presents as annual report of the year and the proposed activities for the next year. All the reports and financial statements are submitted to the pastorate committee for incorporation in the annual report of the church.


“The Senior Christian Fellowship (SCF) formed in December 1997 is the newest organ of the East Parade C.S.I Malayalam Pastorate. The aims and objectives of SCF are the spiritual, mental and social development of the elderly people in the church and also to help them to involve in all church activities meaningfully. SCF also helps the church to function on sound Christian principles and for the spiritual welfare of the church members.”
“The membership is open to all senior members of the church who have retired from their normal work. When SCF started, there were only 34 members, which have now grown to over 130 in 10 year’s time.
The members find time to be with the bereaved families in prayer and also spend time with families going through difficult times.”