Personal experience of a first-time camper

A fortress of fellowship, an epitome of selflessness showcased by people for God’s Glory, a stronghold of broken spirits healed by one Divine Being, a culmination of togetherness. Inspirit 2018, with the theme ‘UNCHAINED – I am free to live for you’ embodied all of this!

Our campsite, Maitreya on Bannerghatta Road, was a peaceful and serene place. We all realized that we were there as a part of a greater plan that He had for us. It was truly an escape from all the hustle and bustle of mundane everyday life.

It was my first Youth Camp and this kind of fellowship was a first for me. During our meals, in the hall, someone would spontaneously break into a hymn or a chorus which would ignite the Spirit in others and all would join in.

The messages given by Rev. Dr. Jacob Thomas, Mr. John K. John, the camp parents and workshop speakers, (Mrs Manju George and Mr Vijay Kuruvilla), spoke to us in different ways. Some important questions which we discussed and pondered upon included – how to be a Leader like Christ; how to handle money as you cannot serve both money and God; how boundaries play a role in Christian lives? These discussions encouraged us to think, ask questions and taught us how to find answers from the Word. The Q&A session helped address the pressing questions that we as young people are often burdened with. These sessions taught me a lot, changing my thought process.

All the campers were assigned a prayer buddy with whom we spent some time praying on all days. People of different age groups were usually paired up together so that we could share our problems with our buddies, learn from their experience or share our experiences and pray for each other. I must say on behalf of all the spirited and energetic members of the youth, that the games and food were the main highlights.

Inspite of many personal responsibilities, the selfless behavior portrayed by senior youth members, overwhelmed me. Their testimonies of handling the chaotic pattern of everyday life, helped us realize the abundance of God’s grace. We were inspired by their dedication to the Lord and how He is using them for His glory.

I’m sure that everyone who came for the camp realized that all those who trust in the Lord, our deliverer, will be unchained from any type of earthly bondage.

Neha Anna Eapen