You don’t need to be a great singer to join the choir at East Parade. God takes a bunch of voices—some strong and some not as strong—and blends them together to create beautiful music that honors Him. We welcome anyone who has a wish to sing for the lord to join us. Please contact anyone from the choir group, and they would be happy to help you out.
Singing Ministry
It is indeed a privilege to be a part of the Lord’s choir, no matter which part of the world one is in. One
will find this journey, first and foremost, spiritually enriching- drawing one closer to God, musically exhilarating, educationally satisfying.

This Blessed Assurance cause us to say every day – “I Sing
Because He LIVES”. And when we finally sing with that great multitude of Angels and Saints in the Heavenly Kingdom, may we be able to truly sing with all that we have – “This my song through endless ages – Jesus led me all the way”!!

The CSI East Parade Malayalam Church Choir (aka The EM Choir) is a strong team of over 50 singing missionaries who have dedicated their voices to the Glory of God.

 The Choir is an integral part of the Sunday worship service. The soulful reckoning that they are singing for their Lord and Saviour is what drives the choir in spite of the hectic schedules of its members. The Choir believe in being an all-inclusive choir with a vibrant and diverse mix of choristers presently starting from 14 years to 70 and above! and we vouch that there is absolutely no age limit to singing for the Lord.

Practice Timings

The choir practices regularly at these times
Saturdays @4 Pm
Sundays @9:15 Am and After Church Services

Over the years, apart from the traditional Hymns and Gospels, the East Parade Chorale has demonstrated robust efficiency in adapting to a repertoire consisting of Western Classical that includes compositions by Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, and Vivaldi to Negro Spirituals and Contemporary.
The choir meets for practice on Saturday evenings and Sundays. Vocal training involves breathing and tonal lessons and exercises. It is the synergy of this training and the blessing from above that equip the singers and finetune their voices to render each piece.

Special Programs

A few special musical programs / services the choir hosts include:

  • Choir Sunday
  • Passion Recital- ‘Tetelestai’
  • Bangalore CSI Choir Festival
  • Christmas Carol Service

Choir Camp

The choir conducts an annual camp where we take off time from our regular routines and enjoy as a family. The camp is a good blend of spiritual and recreational activities. that facilitates the choristers to understand each other better and renew the commitment to serve the Lord through music.

In reach

The Choir visits the homes of the elderly members of the church who are unable to attend worship service. and sing their favourite songs and spend time with them.



Potluck Dinner

The Choir organizes potluck dinner for choristers and families, wherein a wide variety of delicacies are cooked by the choristers and served. Truly a time of fun and fellowship.

Secret Santa

During Christmas season, the choristers play the very popular Christmas game – Secret Santa – where each member is secretly assigned to be another member’s Secret Santa and on the final day, exchange gifts with each other.

Old is Gold

Old is Gold is the stall run by the choir on the day of Harvest Festival where old or unused items like books, toys, electronics, musical instruments etc brought by choristers are sold to raise funds and also to promote the concept of reuse.

Prayer Requests

A Prayer calendar is being prepared and circulated to the members. Many people had sent in prayer request, which are being remembered and prayed for by other members.