Women’s Fellowship

The Women’s Fellowship is an active and a strong body of the church. Almost all the women members of our church are the members of the Women’s Fellowship. Our Pastorate has ten prayer groups. A minimum of two members is elected from each prayer group to form the women’s fellowship committee. The Presbyter’s wife is the President and backbone of the women’s fellowship. The committee is formed with the Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Asst Treasurer. The committee meets once in two months to discuss the activities of the women’s fellowship. Usually the Presbyter presides over the meetings. The General Body meeting is held yearly, but the elections to the committee are conducted only once in two years.



Our Regular Programs

  • Every second Saturday a cottage prayer is arranged in the house of one of our members.
  • Every third Saturday we conduct sick visits to those who are sick and ailing and we pray for those who are thus affected.
  • Every fourth Saturday we participate in Civil Area women’s fellowship meetings, in addition to the programmes arranged by the KCD women’s fellowship

The members find time to be with the bereaved families in prayer and also spend time with families going through difficult times.

In order to have a monetary fund of our own, we conduct an annual sale in the month of July. An annual sale of cake and wine is organized during Christmas season. Liberal donations from our members form an integral part of our fund. This fund is used for various purposes such as

  • Affiliation to KCD and Civil Area WF
  • Educational help to KCD pre-school
  • Provide monetary assistance to different mission fields namely Parakal mission, Mysore mission, Bible society and also some WF organization in Kerala.
  • Christmas gift to Ashraya
  • Christmas gift to needy people in our church
  • Visit to one or two charitable organizations during the Christmas season to help the inmates over there
  • Educational assistance to some deserving children in out church.

As part of our other activities we celebrate Vishranti day, World Day of prayer and women’s Sunday. The collection of the women’s fellowship Sunday goes to KCD WF.

Every year on the 15th Aug a one-day retreat is conducted at our church. A combined retreat of All Malayalam CSI churches in Bangalore is held once a year. A one-day retreat is arranged in some retreat center close to the city. Three days retreat cum picnic is arranged outside the city mostly in a retreat center. The participation is good in all retreats.