Church Choir


The East Parade CSI Malayalam Pastorate Choir (The East Parade Chorale) is a 32 member strong team of musicians from different parts of Kerala who have dedicated their voices for the Glory of God. This choir is an integral part of the Sunday worship service. The soulful reckoning that they are singing for their Lord and Savior is what drives the choir in spite of the hectic schedules of its members.

Over the years, the East Parade Chorale has demonstrated robust efficiency in adapting to a repertoire consisting of Western Classicals that includes compositions by Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, and Vivaldi to Negro Spirituals to Contemporary.

The choir meets for practice every Sunday after the worship service. Vocal training involves rigorous breathing and tonal lessons and exercises. It is the synergy of this training and blessing from above that equips the singers and finetune their voices to render pieces that an ordinary choir would not normally attempt.

Special Programs
The East Parade Chorale has, to its credit, a handful of Concerts in addition to Christmas Carol Services which is an annual event. The choir is a regular participant at the Glorious Festival of Harmony.