Byppanahalli Mission

As East Parade Malayalam Pastorate completed three decades in 1980 the congregation had a solid presence in the city with a membership of over 300 families spread all over the city. By that time they had also developed a social concern and commitment towards the deprived and dispossessed sections of society. Their first foray into social action was to conduct a medical clinic in a slum in Byppanahalli. This was followed by a Balawadi at the same location. Qualified Doctors attended these clinics regularly, examining the sick in the locality and dispensing free medicine to them.

EMPACS a Charitable Society registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 which is governed by the members of East Parade Pastorate soon took over the social activities at Byppanahalli from the Pastorate. These included the Balawadi and the medical clinics.The Evangelical activity of the Bypanahalli Mission remained directly under the pastorate. Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare came forward for funding the Balawadi. An average of seventy to eighty children are benefited through these Balawadis.

In order to provide gainful occupation for women in the slum areas various programs are organized from time to time. These include training in tailoring, candle making, Agarbathi making ,crafts etc. Girls are also imparted training in Home Nursing.

The Pastorate had appointed Mr Varghese George as the first missionary to Byapanahalli, who helped in some pioneering work at the slum. Mr Abel soon took over as the missionary in the year 1992 and still continues to have a fruitful ministry in the area.