Krishnarajapuram Worship Center

The C.S.I East Parade Malayalam Pastorate, when it was celebrating the Golden Jubilee in 1998 decided about organizing worship centers for its members who are staying in the out-skirts and the newly developing areas in Bangalore. The reasoning behind this initiative was to help people who find it difficult to attend the Sunday worship service at C.S.I East Parade Church due to long distance and the time to travel.

As a result about 19 families in Krishnarajapuram area have gathered and started worship in the house of (Late) Mr. C.M. Philip, one of the member of C.S.I East Parade Malayalam church. The first service was held on 26th April 1998 and Rev. Christopher Jacob Kurian delivered the message. Later on due to increasing number of people coming for the worship, the worship center have moved in to a rented hall in Udayanagar area. After 3 years, the Worship Centre is moved to another rented hall in the same area and conducted service for 3 years. Currently, Worship Centre is located in Ramamurthy Nagar area and the chapel at Petra Park apartments is leased out for the Sunday services. About 35 families in the adjoining areas are attending the Sunday service regularly. Holy communion is served on all Sundays except 4th Sunday. The East Parade Malayalam Pastorate gives pastoral care and takes care of arranging Pastors for the Worship Centre.

Sunday School
Sunday school classes have been conducted regularly and attended by our children with much enthusiasm. Sunday school fest is being conducted every year and prizes are given to the children who wins the different competition conducted with Sunday School Fest.

Women’s Fellowship
Regular meeting are being held at the church after the service und the guidance of Achans. Members of women’s fellowship actively participated in raising funds for this year Harvest Festival and Empacs activities at East Parade Church.